UPDATE This website and Newspaper have been closed on or about 2010


EVENT: Pending Stay Tune :) Gainesville Gville FL

CampusTweet.TV’s mission is to bring meaningful content that will connect universities across the country.

What the heck does that mean?

We want to show what’s happening at your university. What’s cool? What’s not? You tweet about it….so, why not capture it on video and show what’s it like?

What you currently see on CampusTweet.TV is a collection of our host Lynne Guey’s (@heyguey) adventures on and off the University of Florida campus. She tried some of the best food in town, interviewed campus leaders, and showcased community events.

But we know there’s lots of good stuff outside of Gainesville, Florida at colleges across the country. So, we’re expanding and asking for your videos.

All school rivalry aside, we can learn from each other. So, whether you’re in the snowy hills of Ithaca or the idyllic beaches of San Diego, share what’s happening. If you’re interested in sharing your videos, email us at hi@campustweet.com Or just @reply us @campustweettv.